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The First Day at Axis Is More Than Onboarding

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L to R: Shellye Burlison, Director of HR; Dirk Lee, President; Lance Duke, Training Manager; Miguel Spencer, Trainer

What is it like on the first day of your new job? For new hires this year at Axis Energy Services, the experience goes beyond onboarding and the standard “3 Ps”: processes, policies and paperwork. The primary objective at Axis is for every new employee to have a positive “first day on the job.” Therefore, we work hard to ensure every new team member gets off to the best possible start, from their first day through our week-long Axis New Hire Orientation (NHO) and Safety Training program.

Our NHO is a new level of orientation, onboarding and company training. It is a “welcoming” experience rooted in the Axis core values that form the foundation of everything we do:

  • Safety – Be safe at every turn and look out for one another.
  • Service – Provide consistent and excellent service, and work in service to others.
  • Integrity – Do the right thing and be accountable for your actions.
  • Respect – Treat all people and our environment with respect.
  • Pride – Take pride in everything we do.

What makes the Axis NHO successful? It begins at the top. Our executive leadership are the champions supporting the vision and success of the Axis NHO. The objectives of the program are clear: to ensure our employees are safe on the job, prepared to be effective from the very beginning and grounded in our company’s values. Each new hire class quickly feels the passion we have for our work, the care we show one another and a sense of belonging—knowing they have joined a best-in-class oilfield services company.

“It is our goal to ensure that every new hire knows what it takes to work for Axis safely, responsibly and with pride in the Axis brand,” says Lance Duke, Axis Corporate Training Manager.

The NHO program begins by introducing Axis employees to the company’s history, leadership and the industry influences that have shaped our growth and evolution. During the program, visits from members of our management team encourage communication and team building and supporting new employees to engage and understand how their contributions will help build the company.

The depth of the program evolves over the course of four training blocks:

  1. Classroom training – teaching, instruction, discussion
  2. Industry-specific training – including OSHA and DOT/non-DOT training and competency testing/certifications
  3. Online training – important safety skills modules
  4. Material competency and field training – task-specific, hands-on training with mentor resources for new hires with less than six months’ job experience

“It is each employee’s responsibility to maintain ownership and a high level of integrity in not only our actions, but the actions of those around us, ensuring a safe and healthy work environment,” says Duke.

An Axis employee’s first day and week consist of much more than the typical orientation and onboarding—it’s an experience designed to make a difference in our employee’s job performance, professional development and career. Axis invests in new hires through the NHO program to give them the preparation, certifications and tools they need to succeed. Following training, Axis field service employees who are new to the company may be assigned a mentor to ensure successful onboarding in the field.

Each new hire comes away from the NHO program with the message of “One Team, One Goal.” That statement and philosophy permeates throughout Axis as we continue to build a world-class company where employees are proud to go to work every day.

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