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Axis Rig 60 Awarded Rig of the Month Based on CORE Data

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Axis recognizes Rig 60 for an impressive performance on their latest pad drill out completion for a valued customer in the Northeast. We are rewarding Rig 60 the January Rig of the Month award for prioritizing safety and delivering an exceptional performance monitored and captured by Axis CORE®. Utilizing CORE’s data acquisition platform, we were able to monitor events leading to Rig 60 setting new company records for well-to-well transition times, connection times while tripping, and rig-up efficiencies. Rig 60 also set a new rig record for their lateral performance by increasing the average number of plugs milled per hour by more than 20%! Rig 60’s crew includes experienced and detail-oriented personnel that have mastered our CORE system and are helping drive down completion costs for our customer through data analytics.

Axis’ Rig of the Month program recognizes and rewards crews that perform above and beyond. Congratulations to the Rig 60 crew for your hard work and dedication to safety and service. One Team, One Goal!

For more information on how we use CORE to assist in lowering your overall completion and production costs, or for a live demo with our engineering staff, contact Erik Coleman at or 432.999.8617.

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