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Axis Thanks Customer and Crew Through Rig Site Cookout in East Texas

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Our East Texas sales team cooked up a nice spread on location for a customer and our Rig 28 crew who are performing a clean out this week. To our hardworking crews: keep up the great work and thank you for staying focused on safety, service and efficiency. #OneTeamOneGoal

Thanks to the Axis sales team for getting some delicious food out to our crews and customers who work day and night.

This production package has our Axis CORE® digital system installed that tracks real-time KPIs. Tracking critical data improves efficiency during completion and production operations and helps Axis drive down cost and cycle times for our customers.

If you are using any of Axis’ services and would like a rig site cookout at your well site, contact Erik Coleman at or your local Axis sales representative and we’ll be happy to schedule one.

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