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Remote-Control Pump Bleed Off System Improves Safety, Efficiency

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At Axis, we’re committed to improving safety and efficiency through innovative solutions. That’s why our Pumping Services team designed and built a remote-control pump bleed off system to use during high-pressure pumping operations. The Axis Pump Sentry unit decreases safety risk onsite by removing an employee from the danger zone of manually turning a valve to bleed off pressure and replacing that function with a system controlled remotely by the pump hand. Taking an extra man out of the cycle also reduces lag time between shutting pumps down and bleeding off pressure, improving communication, efficiency and cycle times. Additional safety controls include visual indicators that signal what function the system is in, as well as disabling the power to open a valve without first closing another.

The Axis Pump Sentry was praised by a customer after an 8-well pad drill out in West Texas who said he was impressed with the safety factor of the new bleed-off skid setup.

Three more units are currently in production. Contact Erik Coleman or your local Axis sales representative about our high-pressure pumping services and how to get an Axis Pump Sentry unit on your next location.

Erik Coleman
Vice President of Sales

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